About Us

Ocram Realties inc is a private Real-Estate investment firm based in Montreal specialized in high-income commercial properties.

Our portfolio of real estate acquisitions has provided some of the highest returns in the industry thanks to our disciplined approach to investing as well as our ability to take advantage of disruptive industry trends and opportunities.

Our Philosophy

Before making an investment in any real estate project, Ocram Realties focuses on the following factors:

  1. Macro real estate and interest rates outlook
  2. Disruptive industry trends
  3. Cash flow analysis, short-term asset value appreciation and exit strategy
  4. Legislative changes and opportunities
  5. Downside risk and back up strategies

By performing extensive due diligence and risk management, Ocram Realties minimizes any downside risk while still being able to take advantage of opportunities in disruptive areas.

Ocram Realties' portfolio has consistently provided much higher cash flows and returns than similar real estate projects by taking advantage of changes in industry trends, consumer behaviour and legislation.

Our minimum required return on capital is currently 12% in annual cash flows plus an additional 5 to 10% annual real estate appreciation. The combined IRR of our portfolio is currently above 20% per year.

We are a private company and do not accept or invest third-party capital.

Some of our properties

48 Rue le Royer West

Commercial office space in the old Montreal on two floors facing the historic Le Royer pedestrian street. IRR 12%

3990 Rue St Hubert

Fully serviced Apartment-hotel with roof top, plunge pool and inner courtyard garden. IRR 18%

474 McGill

A 2100 sq feet Luxury loft with private rooftop terrasse located in the heart of the old Montreal and near Montreal financial's district. This loft operates as a 31-day executive rental property. Levered IRR: 17%

1000 De La Commune East

Waterfront residential condos in the old Port of Montreal with indoor pool, gym and wine cellars.

433 rue St Helene

Residential condos in the Old Montreal with rooftop.

7660 Liverpool

Luxury 5-bedroom villa with indoor and outdoor pool in Brossard, Canada

Entire serviced apartments in Mont-Tremblant, Canada. IRR 27%

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48 Rue le Royer Ouest
Montreal, Quebec, H2Y 1W7